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Accusetter II Column Amplifier

edmunds gages, accu-setter microprocessor columnAccusetter II is simply the most flexible and advanced column amplifier for air and electronic gaging in the industry today. Whether you need it for single check or complex multiple check applications, this is your all-in-one readout. All functions are controlled by a single button. An easy-to-read display prompts you step-by-step through the gaging functions. Results are quickly recognized on the tri-color bar indicating good, oversize, or undersize.

Accusetter II operating modes include one or two input air gaging and two or four LVDT input electronic gaging. Typical dimensions that can be measured include ID, OD, width, height, thickness, length, TIR, parallelism, roundness, tapers, and max or min peaks.

With its microprocessor base, the Accusetter II allows you to handle results in different ways. If you want to download gaging data to a PC, handheld, or printer, you can! For energy efficiency, you can opt to get your Accusetter equipped with Auto-Air, an automatic air valve that switches the compressed air flow on and off during non-gaging use. When applied, this device can shave hundreds of dollars off your annual energy bill.

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Trendsetter II Column Amplifier

edmunds gages, Trendsetter microproccessor columnTrendsetter II is a programmable single feature gaging amplifier featuring two quick change modules – air or electronic. It’s the best-selling gage readout in manufacturing today. Typical dimensions that can be measured using Trendsetter II include ID, OD, width, length, height, and thickness. Dynamic values include TIR, parallelism, roundness, tapers and max or min peaks. A tri-color LED display provides instantly recognizable results as good, oversize, or undersize. You can choose inch or metric values to be displayed. For your convenience, data can off offloaded to a PC, handheld or printer. For even greater flexibility, several Trendsetter II units can be connected for multiple feature checks or in automatic gaging applications.

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