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Durable, reliable LVDT gage probes

Edmunds Gages lvdt probeOur gage probes are designed for use with Edmunds' TrendsetterTM, Accu-SetterTM columns, and CAGQCM gaging computers. These Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) gage probes operate with two, small electrical transformers which share a single core. When the core is centrally located between the two coils, the output is balanced or zeroed. When the core is physically displaced, the output of the two coils becomes unequal, with one coil increasing in output and the other decreasing. The measure of the core's movement is then recorded by these unequal outputs to represent true linear displacement or changes in size. Packaged in what is commonly known as cartridge or pencil configurations, Edmunds Gages' probes are available in several configurations:

Edmunds Gages LVDT normal type

Edmunds Gages LVDT

Edmunds Gages LVDT

Edmunds Gages LVDT push type

Edmunds Gages LVDT lever typeEdmunds Gages LVDT

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