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Precision Plugs, Rings and Master Setting Discs

There's no way around it. Cylindrical gages simply have to be perfect to measure accurately. Many view cylindricals as commodity items.

However, there are differences in how they are made which can affect their stability and reliability. We don't think anyone else goes to as much trouble making cylindricals as we do.

Take our double temperature stabilization process, for example. Or our cadre of highly skilled hand-lappers who can "feel" when a ring or master needs .0001" of material removed to be within tolerance. It's amazing to watch! They are 100% inspected under strict laboratory controls that assure optimum measurement accuracy. Further, our cylindricals can be certified and be directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We offer inch or metric plain ring gages in steel or chrome. Our master setting discs are available in three styles, and our plug gages may be specified as taper lock, tri-lock or progressive. All Edmunds cylindricals are available in classes Z, Y, X, XX. To request additional information, Contact us.

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A copy of the Edmunds "Cylindricals" Brochure is available for the asking. Contact us by phone,
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