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Company Name: Edmunds Gages
Address: Farmington Industrial Park, Farmington, CT 06032
Phone: (860) 677-2813
Fax: (860) 677-4243
E-mail: jgaughan@edmundsgages.com
Main contact: Jack Gaughan


Current product line

Cylindrical gages, consisting of ring gages, setting discs and plug gages;
AccuSetterTM microprocessor column amplifier; TrendSetterTM analog
column amplifier; CAGQCM computer readout; air and electronic tooling and
accessories, custom designed and built gages for a wide range of
applications, including fully automatic, closed-loop machine tool feedback
gages; universal ID/OD comparators; 5" and 20" gage block comparators;
Sub-Millionths Metrology Lab for conducting calibrations services; and
on-site calibration services.

Historical data

Original Name: Edmunds Manufacturing Company
Founded: 1950 (celebrating 60th anniversary in 2010)
Founder: Robert F. Edmunds, Sr.
Original location: 20 Sherman Street, West Hartford
Original product line: cylindrical master gages
First customer/main market served: wholesaled cylindricals to other gage
manufacturers in the Northeastern United States

An interesting story about the start up

Robert "Bob" Edmunds, Sr. was a middle school math and machine shop practice
teacher for five years after graduating in 1937 from Keene State College in
New Hampshire. In addition to numbers, Bob always had a fascination for precision measurement
and machining. He started a part time machining business making parts for
local industry, which evolved to manufacturing and wholesaling ring gages
for various gage makers in the region. By 1950 he was in the gage making
business for himself, engraving not someone else's but the Edmunds name on them.

Significant milestones and technological innovations

1966 -- added air plugs and rings to product line
1967 -- developed dial indicator fixtures, air snaps, air contact plugs
1969 -- developed air stand amplifiers
1970 -- first automatic classifying air gage
1971 -- developed LVDT cartridges
1972 -- built automatic classifier electronic gage
1973 -- developed push-button multi-channel readout, automatic gage for cylinder liners, automatic gage measuring flatness
1974 -- developed first 6-station automatic transfer gage
1975 -- developed air/electronic transducer
1976 -- developed first pneumatic logic automatic gages
1977 -- developed solid state air/electronic transducer, awarded first major wheel bearing automatic gage program
1978 -- developed programmable logic control automatic gages, ball bushing LVDT cartridges
1979 -- developed TrendSetterTM readout, awarded second major wheel bearing automatic gage program
1980 -- developed push button electronic readout
1981 -- developed peak detector module
1982 -- developed electronic bore plugs
1983 -- expanded calibration lab, developed microprocessor CAGTM readout
1984 -- developed quick change, modular automatic gaging system, post-process machine tool feedback gaging system, ball bearing contact pivots
1985 -- developed feedback to in-process gaging system, new "click stop" gage block comparator head
1988 -- developed Mini-CAGTM, established TrendSetterTM manufacturing licensee in Japan
1989 -- awarded major transmission hub and gear automatic gaging program, developed AccuSetterTM microprocessor column
1990 -- awarded second major transmission hub and gear automatic gaging program
1991 -- patented bore plug design
1992 -- developed 0.0000001" gage block comparator readout resolution, gage block management software
1993 -- expanded metrology services, developed combination air and electronic signal conditioning units
1994 -- developed 20" gage block comparator, developed scroll compressor automatic gages
1995 -- developed Micro CAGTM
1996 -- established Southeast office, awarded truck wheel bearing automatic gaging program, developed .000001" OD comparator, awarded major scroll compressor gaging program
1997 -- Enhanced AccuSetterTM with advanced features, awarded major compressor program in France
1998 -- Edmunds Sub-Millionths Metrology Lab is A2LA accredited, www.edmundsgages.com launched
1999 -- developed CAGQCM Quality Control Manager readout, developed enhanced air-to-electronic transducers
2000 -- celebrated 50th anniversary

Succession of Edmunds


Edmunds Gages remains a privately held family business. Bob Sr. gradually passed along
the helm to his son, Bob Edmunds, Jr. who has been president for several years. The third
generation Edmunds, Rob III, has also been with the company for some time and is Vice President.
At 83, Bob Sr. still spends a few hours each day at the office, reading at his desk, walking through
the shop, stopping to chat, and checking out the gages with his family name on them.

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