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The Modular Integrated Computer Aided Gaging System


Edmunds Gages introduces EPIC-CAG, the newest generation of multi-dimensional computer aided gaging, featuring modular components to integrate the most complex gaging applications into the manufacturing process.



EPIC-CAG combines all the multi-dimensional measurement applications you can imagine, with the economic flexibility to select only the components you need. The powerful Windows® -based operating system enables EPIC-CAG to manipulate data from an unlimited number of inputs and display results in multiple formats. Once captured, EPICCAG
transmits the data directly to production machines, cell controlled software or the customer’s in-house network. The real-time data allows for automatic adjustments and compensations, linking inspection control directly with the manufacturing process.




EPIC-CAG quickly and accurately analyzes, displays and communicates measurement data from Edmunds’ LVDT probes, temperature probes, airto-electronic transducer devices and CCD vision gaging medians. Intuitive graphic options and multi-screen viewing allow the user to choose the appropriate graphic formats suited to the process function. With the integrated AutoCAD based graphic package, users have the option to create custom graphic display screens or, with the sequential photographic prompting module, users can quickly and easily decipher errors and their locations.




EPIC-CAG’s modular design allows you to customize the components to fit your needs and your operations. The flexibility of the system permits you to add components as your business changes, ensuring you are investing in the applications you need, when you need them.

EPIC-CAG packaged as a
bench top unit.

EPIC-CAG arranged as a
dual system automatic gage.

EPIC-CAG configured as an inspection station.

EPIC-CAG Advantages


• Unlimited Signal Conditioning - from Edmunds air, LVDT, or temperature transducers, beginning at, and expanding by multiples of four.

• Size Compensation - to one or multiple machine tools, in a variety of formats.

• Precision Vision - software module for CCD camera
gaging median.

• Temperature Compensation - making all measurements look like 68° F.

• Serial Inputs - capabilities to accept inputs from other devices.


• Size Verification - automated routines to confirm gage operation without calibration or mastering.

• Sort Classification - identify measurement results by number, letter, name, or from your designation.

• Dynamic Interruption Adjustment - erase or ignore keyways, holes or protrusions during dynamic rotation measurement using programmable variables.

• Expanded Mathematics Functions - use any higher math operator like y2, sin, cos, tan, in addition to add, subtract, multiply and divide, to create measurement algorithms.

• AIAG GR&R - software to report the repeatability and
reproducibility of your gaging hardware is standard within the software.

• Sequential Photo Prompting - create photographic work instructions to inform users where to measure which features of a part, and with what tool.

A Sampling of


Numerous Displays

Automatic mastering prompts
the user through calibration.

Multi-window display arranged
by the user’s preference.

A variety of results displayed
like bar graphs.

Precision Vision camera images
on screen.



Basic CPU and Signal Conditioning Enclosure
10.9' H x 16.0' W x 9.12' D
(1) Ethernet Port
(4) Serial Ports
(2) Com Ports
(1) VGA Port
(1) I/O Port

17" Flat Panel LCD Display

Full ASCII keyboard with trackball and/or
USB Mouse

Expandable Hardware and
Software Modules

• Serial Feedback
• FOCAS II Feedback
• Parallel I/O Feedback
• BCD Feedback
• +/– Pulse Feedback
• Precision Vision
• Temperature Compensation
• Remote Monitor(s)
• Expandable Signal Conditioning
• Custom Sort Classes
• Zero Verification Automation
• Dynamic Interruption Adjustment
• Sequential Photo Prompting
• Unlimited Check Quantity
• File Storage

Sophisticated Modules


Our Precision Vision CCD camera based hardware application adds superior inspection capabilities to the system. Live visual data provides the information you need to make in-process adjustments, reducing product rejects and increasing output. Precision Vision is ideally suited for high speed production inspection or processing requiring attribute detection faster than seen by eye.


When temperature consistency is critical to production accuracy, Edmunds’ Temperature Compensation module is a vital component for measurement correlation at 68° F. This module actually characterizes the gage, part and masters
through your expected temperature range to assure results.

Edmunds Gages, the leader in versatile modules, is best known for our ability to provide Machine Tool Feedback, to close the loop between process variation and the next piece being manufactured. Our size compensation routines adjust from a cold start to a running mode with varying rate of compensation based upon the process reaction. Available in parallel I/O, BCD pulse, serial or Ethernet protocols, or we will create a new one, based on your specific machine’s requirements.

Typical EPIC-CAG side panel with
4-channel signal conditional cards.

Click here to download and print complete EPIC-CAG information in PDF format.

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