Slot Thickness and Location Gage


Gaging Parameters

READOUT: Accu-SetterTM Column
FEATURES: Obtaining three measurements on pump shaft slots – slot width, parallelism, and straightness – with built-in flexibility for an entire part family.

The Challenge

A manufacturer of fluid power components needed to gage three dimensional features of multiple pump shaft slots – some as small as .078". The optimum solution would measure thickness, parallelism and straightness in one gaging operation, yet allow for more detailed examination of data on the individual features measured. For greatest economy, the system should be readily adaptable for use with a family of similar parts.


The Solution

Edmunds' applications engineers combined dedicated tooling with the flexibility of the Accu-Setter gaging column to provide a single gaging station which met all the criteria.

          Two opposing, low-friction, cross-reed pivoted contact arms were designed for the smallest possible slot size. To accommodate the range of slot sizes among workpieces, they were mounted to ultra-fine adjustable slides for vertical width adjustment. The contact assembly, supported by an air bearing slide, is introduced horizontally for exploration within each slot.

             A pair of LVDT sensors transmits signals from the differential movements of the contact arms to the Edmunds Accu-Setter. From one pass, the column's programmable micro-processor derives three dimensional functions – without lengthy and complicated setup. The Accu-Setter is programmed so that all three dimensional relationships – width, parallelism and straightness – fall within tolerance to actuate the good; over or under lights, as determined during measurement.

           The Accu-Setter gaging column indicates the range of any of the three measurements, while an alphanumeric display can be set to either variable deviations from nominal or absolute numeric values. Display options are selected by a rotary function switch. Data for SPC and other process purposes may be gathered manually in this way, but the Accu-Setter also features a serial RS-232 output for transmission to a printer, data collector, or PC.


The Result

By semi-automating the inspection process, the Edmunds Slot Thickness and Location Gaging Station eliminated hours of layout inspection per piece – replaced by a two-to-three minute operation which meets every requirement of the end user!

           Further, these extremely accurate measurements can be performed easily with minimal skill. The return on the investment for this application, in payroll alone, is exceptional, though typical of savings accomplished through Edmunds' custom gaging solutions.

          Assuring gaging accuracy and providing valid statistical output... while contributing to real dollar savings... fulfills the Edmunds goal of applying integrated, state-of-the-art gaging technology to make tangible contributions to our customers' bottom line. 

          The Accu-Setter is the most technologically advanced gaging column available today. Virtually all operations are controlled by a single button. Simply rotate-to-view function choices, then push to select. An easy-to-read L.E.D. alphanumeric display prompts operators step-by-step through setup and gaging functions. The L.E.D. bar graph provides at-a-glance monitoring without special outboard devices. The Accu-Setter's microprocessor base allows the user to configure the columns function to display virtually any dimensional or geometric requirement. No other column gage offers as much sophistication and versatility at such a competitive price.



   1            WIDTH
   2            PARALLELISM TO CL AXIS
   3            STRAIGHTNESS

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